Researchers add ‘time-travel’ feature to drives to fight ransomware attacks

Chance Coats presented the findings at the 2019 EuroSysConference. Credit: The Grainger College of Engineering One of the latest cyber threats involves hackers encrypting user files and then charging “ransom” to get them back. In the paper, “Project Almanac: A Time-Traveling Solid State Drive,” University of Illinois students Chance Coats and Xiaohao Wang and Assistant […]

a new approach for matching images and text

Credit: Liu et al. Researchers at Leiden University and the National University of Defense Technology (NUDT), in China, have recently developed a new approach for image-text matching, called CycleMatch. Their approach, presented in a paper published in Elsevier’s Pattern Recognition journal, is based on cycle-consistent learning, a technique that is sometimes used to train artificial […]

A hybrid, green media wall for existing high-rise buildings

The hypothetical implementation of PixelGreen in the dense urban context of Hong Kong. Right: Potential sites that combine the vertical and horizontal surfaces (highlighted in green) of existing high-rise buildings in the development of PixelGreen. Credit: Khoo & Wee. Researchers at Deakin University and the University of Hong Kong have recently designed a hybrid green […]

From viruses to social bots, researchers unearth the structure of attacked networks

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The human body’s mechanisms are marvelous, yet they haven’t given up all their secrets. In order to truly conquer human disease, it is crucial to understand what happens at the most elementary level. Essential functions of the cell are carried out by protein molecules, which interact with each other in varying […]

Mona Lisa guest on TV? Researchers work out talking heads from photos, art

Credit: Egor Zakharov et al. A paper discussing an artificial intelligence feat now up on arXiv is giving tech watchers yet another reason to feel this is the Age of Enfrightenment. “Few-Shot Adversarial Learning of Realistic Neural Talking Head Models” by Egor Zakharov, Aliaksandra Shysheya, Egor Burkov and Victor Lempitsky reveal their technique that can […]

Engineered bacteria could be missing link in energy storage

Credit: CC0 Public Domain One of the big issues with sustainable energy systems is how to store electricity that’s generated from wind, solar and waves. At present, no existing technology provides large-scale storage and energy retrieval for sustainable energy at a low financial and environmental cost. Engineered electroactive microbes could be part of the solution; […]

A low-cost mobile robot that can assist people in a variety of settings

Credit: Fraunhofer IPA. Researchers at Fraunhofer IPA, in Stuttgart, Germany, have recently developed MobiKa, a low-cost, mobile robot capable of two-modal (voice and text) interactions with humans. Their robot, presented in a paper pre-published on arXiv, could be particularly useful for assisting elderly people. Recent advances in robotics have enabled the development of robots that […]

This robot helps you lift objects—by looking at your biceps

Lead author Joseph DelPreto demonstrates the system’s ability to mirror his movements by monitoring muscle activity. Credit: Joseph DelPreto/MIT CSAIL We humans are very good at collaboration. For instance, when two people work together to carry a heavy object like a table or a sofa, they tend to instinctively coordinate their motions, constantly recalibrating to […]

‘Reattaching for convenience’: nine passive-aggressive email phrases that must end now | Technology

A poll by Adobe has uncovered the most annoying phrases to receive in a work email. It is a poll rammed with all manner of passive-aggressive neediness and belligerence, but what do the phrases really mean? Here are the nine most annoying, decoded: ‘Not sure if you saw my last email’ Perhaps you were busy […]