We now know what causes wine ‘legs’ to drip down inside a glass – Emails

By Layal Liverpool Wine ‘legs’ are caused by a shockwave in your wineglassGilaxia/Getty Images The drops that run down the inside of a glass after wine is swirled – called “legs” or “tears” – are caused by a shock wave interrupting the ring of fluid that sticks to the glass. We know that a film […]

Rock peeling off continents may have triggered biggest mass extinction – Emails

By Michael Marshall The Putorana plateau in Siberia was formed from tectonic activityMindon Pictures/Alamy The largest known mass extinction may have been triggered by events deep inside Earth. Hundreds of millions of years ago, when the continents collided to form a single supercontinent, huge amounts of material may have detached from their undersides, causing hot molten rock to rise up and trigger […]

New York City’s coronavirus outbreak is already overwhelming hospitals – Emails

By Carrie Arnold In New York City, the Javits Center convention hall has been converted to a temporary field hospital to help ease the burden on hospitals overwhelmed by treating people with covid-19John Lamparski/Getty Images In the US, the focus of the coronavirus outbreak last week shifted from the West Coast to New York City. […]

Coronavirus latest: British Airways suspends all flights at Gatwick – Emails

By Sam Wong , Adam Vaughan , Conrad Quilty-Harper and Layal Liverpool British Airways planes parked up in a row at Gatwick airport.Mike Hewitt/Getty Images Latest coronavirus news as of 5PM on 31 March Planes grounded as flight demand continues to fall British Airways will suspend all flights to and from London’s Gatwick airport. The […]

World’s most essential open-source code to be stored in Arctic vault – Emails

By Adam Vaughan The backed-up code will be held inside GitHub’s vault in a disused mineGithub A plan to expand a physical backup of the world’s most widely used open-source software held inside a mountain in the Arctic will go ahead this month, despite the coronavirus pandemic. GitHub, an online software host owned by Microsoft, has already […]

Sharks are easier to catch in cooler waters, and we have no idea why – Emails

By Jason Arunn Murugesu Fishing expeditions in cooler waters seem to have more success catching sharksNational Geographic Image Collection / Alamy Fishing vessels are more likely to catch apex predators, including sharks, and tuna in cool ocean regions, even though the warm equatorial areas are where marine life is most biodiverse. The finding means biologists need […]

Covid-19 has caused a drop in emissions – but it’s not a climate fix – Emails

By Adam Vaughan Clear waters in Venice’s Grand Canal ANDREA PATTARO/AFP via Getty Images People in Chinese cities usually plagued by harmful air pollution are breathing far cleaner air. Boat‑free canals in Venice, Italy, are clear enough to see fish. And for the quarter of the global population now living under a coronavirus lockdown, a […]

Newly discovered species found deep in the ocean contains microplastic – Emails

By Chris Simms BBDO/Weston/Jamieson PhotoBBDO/Weston/Jamieson THE beautiful, interlocking, armoured plates of this amphipod are meant to keep it safe from predators and other threats. But they can’t protect it from plastic pollution, which is how this creature got its name. Eurythenes plasticus is a newly described shrimp-like species found between 6 and 7 kilometres down […]

Even a computer the size of the universe can’t predict everything – Emails

By Leah Crane A black hole and a jet of hot gasNASA/JPL-Caltech Fundamental limits on the smallest possible lengths of time and space mean that some events obeying basic laws of physics can never be predicted, it now seems, even with the most powerful computer simulations. The three-body problem, which is the mathematical question of […]

Pluto formed quickly with a deep ocean covering its entire surface – Emails

By Jason Arunn Murugesu An enhanced color image of the area around Pluto’s North poleNASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute The ancient oceans of Pluto may have arisen relatively quickly after the now-frozen dwarf planet came to be, melting from ice in a process that suggests Pluto formed in just 30,000 years. “We […]