Microsoft revenue beats as remote work boosts Teams – Benchmarking Change- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Microsoft Corp has beaten Wall Street sales and profit expectations, powered by sharp demand for its Teams chat and online meeting app and Xbox gaming services as the world shifted to working and playing from home because of the novel coronavirus pandemic. The company’s shares, up over 12 percent this year, rose about 5 percent […]

ANZ to ‘heavily’ embrace SRE for new banking platform – Finance – Cloud- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

(L-R) Kelsey Hightower (Google) and Chris Venter (ANZ). ANZ Banking Group is set to “heavily” embrace site reliability engineering in the way it operates its forthcoming connected banking platform, now being built under the ANZx transformation. The transformation’s general manager of technology Chris Venter revealed that he – and other ANZx staff – visited Google’s […]

PEXA sets up Cloud Academy to upskill staff – Training & Development – Cloud- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) has set up an internal ‘academy’ to train and certify staff in cloud skills and ultimately unlock potential from its cloud-based environment. The company, which offers an electronic alternative to paper conveyancing, wasn’t “born in the cloud” but has “spent significant time uplifting our core platform into the AWS ecosystem,” general […]

Lord Sugar criticised for sharing Covid-19 falsehoods on Twitter | World news- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Lord Sugar has been criticised for sharing a coronavirus conspiracy theory on social media. The Apprentice star tweeted a claim purported to be from a Japanese scientist saying that Covid-19 was man-made. Independent fact-checking charity Full Fact later debunked the claims. A statement on its website said: “Various posts on Facebook claim that the Nobel […]

NASA has selected three lunar landers to bring humans to the moon – Emails

By Leah Crane Artist’s conception of Artemis astronauts on the moonNASA NASA has announced three companies that will be helping bring humans to the moon as part of the Artemis programme. These three US firms – Blue Origin, Dynetics, and SpaceX – will receive a combined $967 million to develop and test lunar landers. “The […]

Ocean currents are sweeping microplastics into the deep sea – Emails

By Donna Lu Microplastics are being swept into the deep oceanKane et al. (2020) Deep underwater currents are creating large build-ups of microplastics in biologically rich areas on the sea floor. Ian Kane at the University of Manchester in the UK and his colleagues analysed the effect of slow-moving currents on the accumulation of microplastics […]

The sun is too quiet, which may mean dangerous solar storms in future – Emails

By Leah Crane Flares occur less often on the sun compared with other starsNASA/GSFC/SDO The sun is surprisingly sleepy in comparison with other similar stars, which may mean that it will, at some point, enter a period of higher activity. The varying activity and brightness of a star is driven by its magnetic field, which […]

Beats By Dre, Terra Chips, Samsung, Old Navy: Tempemail Marketing Awards USA 2020 winners- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Daughters of the Evolution, Beats By Dre, Terra Chips, Samsung and Old Navy are among the brands who have won at Tempemail Marketing Awards USA 2020. Designed to honour the agencies, publishers, brands and platforms showing excellence and innovation, these awards bring together some of the biggest names in modern marketing. The current Covid-19 situation […]

People put on ventilators for covid-19 may need lengthy rehabilitation – Emails

By Clare Wilson Healthcare systems need to prepare for the extensive rehabilitation that people put on ventilators for covid-19 will needDIEGO VARA/Reuters/PA Images Health systems need to start ramping up services for helping people recover from intensive care treatment for coronavirus, doctors are warning. After spending several weeks on a ventilator, people will need extensive […]

Brands need to embrace change and act in culturally relevant ways, otherwise they could risk being forgotten if they’re too quiet warn creative luminaries- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

The pandemic has undoubtedly shifted consumer and marketer behavior, but does advertising still have an obligation to change the world for the better? Speaking to Tempemail during the Digital Transformation Festival, creatives from Adobe, VML Y&R and Publicis•Poke looked at how brands have responded to the crisis, and the role of creativity and brand purpose. […]