Scotland could eliminate the coronavirus – if it weren’t for England – Emails

Scotland may be only weeks away from no new daily cases of coronavirus. As the nation gets close, cases from over the border will become a big problem. Health | Analysis 30 June 2020 By Michael Marshall A handmade sign outside Ballachulish in Scotland’s HighlandsJane Barlow/PA Wire/PA Images SCOTLAND is only weeks away from suppressing the coronavirus altogether, […]

UK could see 40°C days every few years by 2100 as climate warms – Emails

By New Scientist and Press Association The sun sets on London’s skylineDominic Lipinski/PA Images The risk of days with sweltering 40°C heat in the UK could rise significantly by the end of the century without action to drive down greenhouse gas emissions, the UK’s Met Office has warned. Climate change caused by human activity is […]

Lenses made with spider silk could help take pictures inside the body – Emails

By Leah Crane Dragline silk from daddy-long-legs spiders has a new useFilippo Carlot/iStock Spider silk is good for more than just catching flies. It could also be used to manufacture lenses for capturing extremely high-resolution images of the insides of biological tissues. One particular type of spider silk, called dragline silk, is generally used as […]

Lockdown measures return as covid-19 cases spike in several countries – Emails

By Adam Vaughan People protest against mandatory mask-wearing in TexasReuters/Sergio Flores MORE than half a million people are now confirmed to have died from the coronavirus, as local outbreaks around the world trigger fears of a second wave of covid-19. Globally, a record 189,077 cases were reported on 27 June, and cases are rising in […]

The Last of Us Part II review: Grim revenge with a glimmer of hope – Emails

By Jacob Aron Ellie from The Last of Us Part IISony Playstation The end of the world is utterly miserable, but there are bright spots if you look close enough. That was the message I took away from The Last of Us Part II – though perhaps not the one developer Naughty Dog was looking […]

Weird caterpillar uses its old heads to make an elaborate hat – Emails

Meet the mad hatterpillar, the invertebrate that keeps its old moulted heads attached to its body to make a beautifully bizarre headpiece Life 24 June 2020 By Gege Li Alan Henderson/Cover Images PhotographerAlan Henderson THIS caterpillar sports a unique headpiece: each ball is one of its old moulted heads, precariously stacked on top of each […]

Pluto’s tiny moons may have been chipped off its biggest moon – Emails

By Jonathan O’Callaghan Pluto and CharonHYPERSPHERE / SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY Pluto’s four smallest moons might have formed following a large impact on its biggest moon, Charon, rather than being a chip off the dwarf planet. The Plutonian system is an oddity in the solar system. Its largest moon, Charon, is 1200 kilometres across, almost half […]

Covid-19 news: Leicester faces prolonged lockdown after local outbreak – Emails

By Clare Wilson , Jessica Hamzelou , Adam Vaughan , Conrad Quilty-Harper and Layal Liverpool Lockdown in Leicester in the UK could be extended for two weeks after a new outbreak.BEN STANSALL/AFP via Getty Images Latest coronavirus news as of 5 pm on 29 June Leicester mayor frustrated with government’s handling of outbreak Following a […]

Parenthood alters your personality but you don’t become more mature – Emails

By Jessica Hamzelou A baby changes your life – and your personalityGuido Mieth/Getty Images Having a baby means new responsibilities, and parenthood should make people more mature – or so the theory goes. In fact, parents’ personalities seem more likely to change in other ways. A study now hints that new mothers become more agreeable and extroverted, and […]

Flying snakes wiggle their bodies to glide down smoothly from trees – Emails

By Donna Lu The paradise tree snake (Chrysopelea paradisi)Jake Socha Snakes wiggle their bodies to propel themselves on land or through water, but why certain flying snake species do so in the air was unclear. Researchers have now found that this undulation helps the snakes stabilise their bodies, enabling them to glide further. Isaac Yeaton […]