Disney is working on AI animatronics that interact with park guests – Emails

TV show The Imagineering Story and book Magic Journey by Kevin P. Rafferty show just how much academic research goes on at the home of Mickey Mouse, says Chris Stokel-Walker


24 June 2020

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A Disney dwarf gets some attention in The Imagineering Story



The Imagineering Story

Available on Disney+


Magic Journey

Kevin P. Rafferty

Disney Editions

THINK of Disney and you may conjure up images of sometimes saccharine animated films and enchantingly unreal theme parks. What probably doesn’t spring to mind is a huge research organisation. Yet the firm’s science and technology has thrilled, enthralled and spooked generations of children and adults.

Disney calls its researchers “imagineers” and its California-based research team the Imagineering department, hence the titles of new Disney+ documentary series The Imagineering Story and book Magic Journey: …

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