Orangutans and other great apes under threat from covid-19 pandemic – Emails

By Elle Hunt Orangutan sanctuaries in Borneo have closed to the public due to the threat of the new coronavirusFreder/Getty Images Endangered great apes are at greater risk because of the threat of the new coronavirus, according to researchers who say there is a “difficult battle” ahead to protect the animals from possible infection. Gorillas, […]

Coronavirus treatment: What drugs could work and when can we get them? – Emails

To fight the new coronavirus, researchers are investigating more than 60 drugs, including remdesivir and hydroxychloroquine and brand new ones. Here’s a breakdown of progress so far Health 1 April 2020 By Carrie Arnold EYES tight with worry above white surgical masks, more than 300 people slowly boarded the waiting 747 cargo planes at Tokyo’s […]

Delaying the COP26 climate talks could have a silver lining – Emails

By Adam Vaughan Mark Carney is the finance adviser for COP26Tolga Akmen /WPA Pool/Getty Images In the face of the coronavirus outbreak, most people agree it was the right decision last night to postpone the COP26 climate summit until 2021. But what will the delay mean for the biggest moment in climate change negotiations since […]

Venus may have an underground magma ocean spanning the whole planet – Emails

By Leah Crane Venus and Earth share many similaritiesNASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory-Caltech Venus may be hiding a sea of magma under its surface that could help us learn about Earth’s deep past. Venus and Earth are a similar size, made of similar materials and are next-door neighbours in the solar system. When these planets first formed, […]

Diets do help you lose weight – but the benefits usually don’t last – Emails

By Jessica Hamzelou Dieting probably won’t make much long-term difference to your weight Getty Images Atkins, Paleo or Zone – whichever diet you follow, you will only lose a bit of weight, and improvements to your blood pressure and cholesterol will disappear within a year. That is according to a comparison of randomised clinical trials […]

Europe’s cave bears may have died out because of their large sinuses – Emails

By Alice Klein Cave bears couldn’t adapt their diet to a changing climate Image Professionals GmbH/Alamy The huge cave bears that once roamed Europe may have gone extinct because their large sinuses made it difficult to adapt their diet during a severe cold snap. Cave bears (Ursus spelaeus), which weighed up to 1000 kilograms and […]

Coronavirus latest: US estimates between 100,000 and 240,000 deaths – Emails

By Sam Wong , Adam Vaughan , Conrad Quilty-Harper and Layal Liverpool US president Donald Trump said at a press conference that the death range would indicate his administration had “done a very good job.”Chris Kleponis / Pool via CNP | usage worldwide Latest coronavirus news as of 6 pm on 1 April Deaths in […]

We may now know what our common ancestor with Neanderthals looked like – Emails

By Michael Marshall Homo antecessor offers clues to the appearance of our ancient ancestorsProf. José María Bermúdez de Castro Two studies of ancient humans have shed new light on the last common ancestor we share with Neanderthals. An extinct species that was once in the frame now looks unlikely to be the one. Another now […]

Will the spread of covid-19 be affected by changing seasons? – Emails

By Graham Lawton The World Health Organization warns covid-19 is spreading in areas with hot and humid weatherAmer Ghazzal/Alamy In the northern hemisphere, as winter ends, cases of seasonal flu dwindle. Could the same happen with covid-19? Flu surges in winter for three reasons. First, the virus is more stable in cold, dry conditions with low […]

The hunt for patient zero: Where did the coronavirus outbreak start? – Emails

Growing evidence suggests the covid-19 outbreak may not have started at Wuhan’s Huanan Seafood Market in December after all. Finding its origins may help us stop it happening again Health 1 April 2020 By Donna Lu The role of Wuhan’s Huanan Seafood Market in the virus outbreak is still unknownImaginechina Limited/Alamy AS THE world fights […]