The best games of 2020 so far | Games – Blog – Emails

Animal Crossing: New Horizons The desert-island alternate-life game that’s spawned a thousand memes, Animal Crossing offers a cute, stress-free and eminently controllable little world to escape into. Compelling and full of character, it gives plenty of reasons to come back every day. What we said: “Animal Crossing is everything I have been craving: it is […]

Lonely Mountains: Downhill review – adrenaline-pumping adventures in nature | Games – Blog – Emails

Newly released on Nintendo Switch, Lonely Mountains: Downhill has been catching attention on other consoles and PCs since last October. But it is now, stuck indoors in an urban flat, that I have really needed this game about solitary mountain bike adventures in nature. It is an intriguing hybrid of serene exploration and reflex-challenging speed-chasing, […]

Streets of Rage 4: the return of the beat ’em up | Games – Blog – Emails

In the Netflix animated series Hi Score Girl, a romantic comedy set in early-90s Japan, Haruo Yaguchi, a low-achieving high-school loner is whiling away his time in the local video game arcades when he meets Akira Ono, a popular wunderkind from a wealthy family. Ono, it turns out, is an unusually talented player of coin-operated […]

Gears Tactics review – brains meet brawn in strategic spin-off | Games – Blog – Emails

Bloody sci-fi shooter series Gears of War and the term “tactics” may not seem like natural bedfellows, given that these games are best known for their macho space soldiers and chainsaw machine guns. Yet strategy has always played a far bigger role in the games than may be initially apparent. After all, the key innovation […]