The why, what and how to building a better future for programmatic- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

With Isba’s study revealing that 15% of digital ad spend is unaccounted for, a statistic from the PwC-produced report that prompted headlines, Damon Reeve, chief executive of The Ozone Project, offers his first-hand insight into what this means for the programmatic sector. The results from Isba’s Programmatic Supply Chain Transparency Study, carried out by PwC […]

‘Big hole in the value chain’: one third of adtech costs unattributable finds Isba- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

The Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (Isba) has released the results of an in-depth probe into the adtech supply chain, finding that publishers receive only 51% of advertiser spend. One-third of supply chain costs were unattributed, which may force transparency from the convoluted process going forward. The Isba Programmatic Supply Chain Transparency Study, carried out […]

It might be boring, but a SPO or DPO strategy is something you can control right now- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

The biggest change you can make as a media seller or buyer, is not necessarily the most glamorous. Supply path optimisation (SPO) and its cousin, demand path optimisation (DPO) had a bit of a moment in the calm before the cookiepocalypse storm, but have subsequently not been getting the time or energy they deserve. In […]

Can Covid-19 force adtech reset as media buckles under financial strain?- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

The current pandemic is magnifying pre-existing flaws in adtech. From systemic inefficiencies to limited oversight, to a value-draining lack of context around ad placements, the news media is wrestling with providing crucial coverage against a significant revenue shortfall. Recently, execs from news body Newsworks, news ad collective Project Ozone and media buying agency Mediacom, talked […]