Vaccines, 5G, Bill Gates: why are Australians gathering to spread coronavirus conspiracy theories? | Media – Blog – Emails

Anti-lockdown protests in Australia over the weekend mimicked some of the conspiracy theories and language of similar protests in the United States but they’re unlikely to grow as big due to the limited size of the groups within Australia, according to one misinformation researcher. More than 100 people gathered outside parliament in Victoria and a […]

Coronavirus app: will Australians trust a government with a history of tech fails and data breaches? | Australia news – Blog – Emails

The federal government is attempting to convince Australians it can be trusted to handle personal data collected by the coronavirus contact tracing app. But it’s an uphill battle due to a long history of secrecy and failures to live up to promises on security and privacy of Australians’ data. Governments around the world are dealing […]

Library coronavirus lockdown cuts off disadvantaged Australians from digital world | World news – Blog – Emails

There are concerns the closure of public libraries as part of the coronavirus lockdown is cutting disadvantaged Australians off from the digital world. For Marie*, who did not want to use her real name, life has become a lot harder since her local library in Geelong closed. “It might seem like a small thing to […]