After surviving wars and pestilence, religions use technology to beat pandemic – Strategy- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Throw a global pandemic at the world’s religions, and you get confessions via Skype, virtual seders and recitations of the Koran over Facebook. The world’s three leading religions have survived famines, plagues, pestilence and wars. Now, in the 21st century shutdown, New York-area Jewish, Islamic and Christian clerics are turning to technology to help their […]

How Covid-19 contact tracing can help beat the pandemic | World news – Blog – Emails

If the UK government wants to start easing the country’s lockdown restrictions, it needs to get contact tracing right. But what does that mean? What would successful contact tracing even look like? Josh Toussaint-Strauss tries to find out with a little help from Christophe Fraser, an Oxford professor and infectious disease epidemiologist, and Alex Hern, […]

Streets of Rage 4: the return of the beat ’em up | Games – Blog – Emails

In the Netflix animated series Hi Score Girl, a romantic comedy set in early-90s Japan, Haruo Yaguchi, a low-achieving high-school loner is whiling away his time in the local video game arcades when he meets Akira Ono, a popular wunderkind from a wealthy family. Ono, it turns out, is an unusually talented player of coin-operated […]

Apple sales beat expectations but Tim Cook sees uncertainty ahead | Technology – Blog – Emails

Apple reported sales and profits that beat Wall Street expectations on Thursday despite fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, with Tim Cook saying China sales were “headed in the right direction” as that country reopens. But the CEO said it was impossible to forecast overall results for the current quarter because of uncertainty created by the […]

How politicians have embraced technology to beat lockdown hurdles- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Read Article As the coronavirus outbreak and resultant curbs bring sweeping changes in life, ministers and politicians in Maharashtra have taken to technology in a big way to keep in touch with their constituents, conduct meetings and carry out official responsibilities. With social distancing becoming the new way of life and lockdown forcing people to […]

The beat goes on for Defected’s virtual festival post-lockdown, but sponsors can wait- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Every Friday since lockdown was imposed in the UK, indie dance label Defected Records has been delivering relief from isolation in the form of banging beats. On 20 March, it aired the inaugural Defected Virtual Festival on YouTube and Facebook Live, inspired by similar live-streams it had undertaken in London and Croatia last year. “We […]