Guacamole lovers, rejoice! The avocado genome has been sequenced

Researchers at UB, the National Laboratory of Genomics for Biodiversity (LANGEBIO) and Texas Tech University have sequenced the avocado genome. Credit: Kjokkenutstyr, (https://www.kjokkenutstyr.net/) Credit: Kjokkenutstyr, can be reused under the CC BY license We now know the DNA of guacamole. Scientists have sequenced the avocado genome, shedding light on the ancient origins of this buttery […]

Genes that first enabled plants to grow leaves identified by scientists

Moss. Credit: Dr Jill Harrison The genes that first enabled plants to grow shoots and conquer the land have been identified by University of Bristol researchers. The findings, published in Current Biology, explain how a 450-million years ago a switch enabled plants to delay reproduction and grow shoots, leaves and buds. Over the course of […]