Victoria University successfully adapts radical Block Model for online delivery – Training & Development- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

The latest academic results from Victoria University suggest the institution’s radical (and at times controversial) ‘Block Model’ has successfully integrated with remote teaching initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students at the university only take one course at a time during an intensified and condensed period known as block, as opposed to the de facto practice […]

Security experts release curated lists to block COVID-19 threats – Security- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Thousands of experts and researchers from round the world, including Australia and New Zealand, who have joined forces to collaborate and share information on cyber security have released a network blocklist to help stop attacks abusing the COVID-19 pandemic. Known as the Cyber Threat Coalition (CTC), the security researchers have released an initial version of […]

Block party: eight brilliant Minecraft models to attempt at home | Games – Blog – Emails

With lockdown entering its fifth week, Minecraft is proving a useful venue for friends and families to meet up, play together and work on collaborative projects. The game is widely used in schools throughout the world to teach everything from sustainable farming to the history of art, and Microsoft recently made the many lessons and […]