How Instagram changed our world | Technology- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

One day in the autumn of 2015, a small but significant change was implemented at the Instagram offices in Menlo Park, California. Employees arrived at work to discover the rubbish bins under each desk had disappeared. The bins had allowed people to work efficiently – no one had to stand up to throw away a […]

BMB CCO Matt Lever on what we can learn from books during Covid-19 crisis- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have driven people’s noses into books on a massive scale. Back in March, it was reported that sales of fiction books in the UK were up by a third, with children’s books sales climbing 234% – the third-highest level on record. Matt Lever, chief creative officer at BMB, has […]

Show but don’t tell: why silent Zooms are golden for focusing the mind | Technology- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

There are Zooms for pub quizzes, Zooms for dinner parties, Zooms for work meetings and now there is a Zoom for sitting together and not talking at all. Behold, the silent Zoom! On paper, the practice of logging on to a video-conferencing site to sit with strangers for an hour without communicating may hold limited […]

9 Marketing Books to Read During Coronavirus – Blog – Emails

While it’s so easy to fall prey to a routine of endless scrolling on social media or even a good Netflix binge, you should use some of your time indoors productively. After all, balance is key to a healthy and happy lifestyle. This is also an opportunity to support local businesses like bookstores that need […]