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Read Article By Pravinkumar Bhandari The start of 2020 has not been good for the entire world. Though India is circled with the virus, it has well managed to control the outbreak. Now, as the government slowly prepares on a lockdown exit plan, it is time for business owners to strategise their business and plan […]

Cyber security review may spell end for Huawei 5G deal | Technology – Blog – Emails

The Tempemail Cyber Security Centre in the UK is expected to conclude that US sanctions against Huawei will make it impossible to use the Chinese company’s technology as planned for 5G networks. The emergency review, announced on Sunday, is designed to pave the way for Downing Street to push for the total elimination of Huawei […]

Huge rise in hacking attacks on home workers during lockdown | Technology – Blog – Emails

Huge rise in hacking attacks on home workers during lockdown | Technology – Blog – Tempemail.co Skip to content Hackers have launched a wave of cyber-attacks trying to exploit British people working from home, as the coronavirus lockdown forces people to use often unfamiliar computer systems. The proportion of attacks targeting home workers increased from […]

Dyson’s UK staff revolt against order to return to work | Technology – Blog – Emails

The engineering firm Dyson told staff who were able to work from home to return to the office this week, in apparent contravention of government advice, then cancelled the plan after a mutiny among dismayed employees, the Guardian understands. Government guidelines state that people should “work from home, if you can”, with employers told to […]

5 Ways to Protect Your Business from Mobile Adware | Tempemail – Blog – Emails

One of the most common forms of cyberthreats designed to collect personal information from a user’s device is mobile adware. This is because roughly 4 billion people are connected to the Internet via their smartphone. Despite the adoption of mobile devices, companies rarely prioritize mobile security. Check Point’s Cyber Security Report 2020 shows that in […]

Is Your Business Ready for the New Pace of Digital Transformation? | Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Sourced from Syspro. While digital transformation has ostensibly been on top of the CIO’s agenda for years, the reality is that many businesses have been slow on the uptake. Recent events like the lockdown in South Africa and across the world have forced their hand, and those that were on the back foot are now […]

Leveraging Geo-spatial technology to effectively map the spread of COVID-19 to minimize its impact on business- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Read Article The spread of Covid-19 and impended lockdown has impacted the SMBs and large corporations alike. A downward trend is on the showcase across sectors be it manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, and Travel & Tourism ever since. With businesses trying to get their operations back on track, technology-backed solutions can be of great help. ‘Transerve Technologies’ through […]

What is Business as Usual Now with Rand Fishkin – Blog – Emails

Whether it’s a surge in ecommerce or a newfound demand in delivery-style services, it’s no secret that the impact of coronavirus has shaken up the business environment. However, which changes are going to stick and what’s only a temporary trend? It’s obvious that consumer spending habits have shifted since the launch of social distancing, with […]

Effective Social Media Content Strategy for Business – Blog – Emails

While PPC advertising may bring in hot leads, content marketing is king when it comes to brand awareness and customer engagement. Social media is by far the best platform to deliver content to large audiences because so many people use social media daily. Sure, you can integrate organic SEO traffic with sales more easily, but […]

Silver Peak SD-WAN: as Simple or Complex as Required to Maximise Business | Tempemail – Blog – Emails

The ‘business of business’ is not always easy on the ‘business of telecommunications’. Mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, closures, new applications and new business needs – which are all staples of the corporate world – can make designing and managing an enterprise wide area network (WAN) into a never-ending, complicated task.  So says Duane Henigin, Senior Systems […]