US gun owners aim firearms at their genitals to settle feud within community | US gun control- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Gun owners are putting their metal where their manhoods are in a bizarre trend that sees men courting danger to prove how well they can manage a gun. Those participating in the meme do so by pointing their gun at their genitals with the safety off, placing their finger over the trigger, and posting a […]

How to Manage and Grow a Social Media Community – Blog – Emails

Nowadays, social media can often feel like a highly competitive environment with limited space for newcomers. However, delivering valuable content to customers doesn’t have to be intimidating. Social media is a highly effective tool brands can use to drive meaningful traffic and develop valuable relationships with a customer base. In fact, growing and managing a […]

Webinar: Your Guide to Community Management Superpowers – Blog – Emails

Community management is an essential part of brand communications, but it’s perhaps more important than ever during a time of crisis. Usually a crisis situation is limited to just one brand or industry, but in the case of the worldwide pandemic there has been no brand left unaffected. So how should brands change their community […]