Questions remain over whether data collected by Covidsafe app could be accessed by US law enforcement | Law – Blog – Emails

The federal government has reassured the public that Covidsafe data held by Amazon will not be able to be accessed by US law enforcement, but a parliamentary committee is currently investigating separate legislation that would pave the way for US law enforcement to access data held in Australia. Federal parliament this week debated and passed […]

UK may ditch NHS contact-tracing app for Apple and Google model | Technology – Blog – Emails

The government has left open the prospect of ditching its own contact-tracing app in favour of the “decentralised” model favoured by Apple and Google after it was revealed that a feasibility study into such a change is under way. After repeated warnings that the UK will be an outlier if it insists on using its […]

UK contact-tracing app could fall foul of privacy law, government told | Technology – Blog – Emails

UK contact-tracing app could fall foul of privacy law, government told | Technology – Blog – Tempemail.co Skip to content The NHS contact-tracing app must not be rolled out across the UK until the government has increased privacy and data protections, an influential parliamentary committee has said, as rights groups warn that the current trial […]

UK racing to improve contact-tracing app’s privacy safeguards | Technology – Blog – Emails

NHS officials are racing to introduce greater privacy safeguards for the contact-tracing app at the centre of the government’s lockdown exit strategy amid mounting concern from security experts, MPs and users. Whitehall sources conceded to the Guardian that they were “two steps behind in public engagement” because the app – which tracks everyone a user […]

Coronavirus apps: how Australia’s Covidsafe compares to other countries’ contact tracing technology | Australia news – Blog – Emails

As countries around the world try to figure out the best way to limit the spread of coronavirus, many are considering some form of contact tracing app. But the methods and level of privacy intrusion vary widely. Here’s what we know about how apps are being rolled out in various countries. Australia Last weekend Australia […]

Coronavirus app: will Australians trust a government with a history of tech fails and data breaches? | Australia news – Blog – Emails

The federal government is attempting to convince Australians it can be trusted to handle personal data collected by the coronavirus contact tracing app. But it’s an uphill battle due to a long history of secrecy and failures to live up to promises on security and privacy of Australians’ data. Governments around the world are dealing […]

Australian coronavirus contact tracing app voluntary and with ‘no hidden agenda’, minister says | Technology – Blog – Emails

The Covid trace app is “entirely voluntary”, will not be a surveillance device and is designed to speed up coronavirus testing, the government services minister, Stuart Robert, has said. “It is a big team Australia moment,” he said. “When this app is released in the next week or two we really need every Australian to […]