New DNS Vulnerability Lets Attackers Launch Large-Scale DDoS Attacks – Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Israeli cybersecurity researchers have disclosed details about a new flaw impacting DNS protocol that can be exploited to launch amplified, large-scale distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks to takedown targeted websites. Called NXNSAttack, the flaw hinges on the DNS delegation mechanism to force DNS resolvers to generate more DNS queries to authoritative servers of attacker’s choice, potentially […]

Researchers warn of unfixable DNS denial of service NXNSAttack – Security – Telco/ISP- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Israeli security researchers have discovered an unfixable vulnerability in one of the fundamentals of the worldwide domain name system (DNS) that can be abused to launch potentially overwhelming denial of service attacks. Lior Shafir and Yehuda Afek, both of Tel Aviv University and Anat Bremler-Barr of the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Centre published their findings on the […]