Emails Sent by Gyms, Fitness & Workout Professionals – Blog – Emails

Gyms are temporarily closed, forcing a shift in people working out from home and an increase in weight training equipment sales. In this week’s blog post, we are taking a deeper look into the messages sent out by fitness brands during the global pandemic. We analyzed the emails sent out by several brands and withdrew […]

Definitive Tempemail Newsletter Design Guide with 40+ Best Practices – Blog – Emails

I’m sure that there were a couple of newsletter design articles you checked out before you found this piece of content. I did detailed research on this topic as well and bounced into many articles that either felt too general for me or didn’t deal with the whole picture. I couldn’t find what I was […]

5 Maker Tech Projects for Your 2020 – Blog – Emails

Maker tech projects provide excellent passion projects: you can stay busy, exercise your skills, and produce a fun and interesting device to add to your collection. That’s especially important right now, as so many of us are dealing with lockdowns. Other people have to buy all the new tech they have. You, on the other […]

Transactional Tempemail Best Practices Illustrated with 29+ Examples – Blog – Emails

Account Related Emails Whenever your customer makes changes to their account or personal details, send a confirmation email to acknowledge that the changes have been saved. Emails for Changing Password People use so many passwords on different platforms, it’s inevitable that they forget them once in a while. Password reset emails save lives in this […]

Father’s Day Tempemail Marketing Campaigns, Subject Lines & Templates – Blog – Emails

Who Are The Gifts For? You would think that Father’s Day gifts are only meant for fathers – that’s not true! Father’s Day is symbolic; people buy gifts for any father figure they may have in their life, including step-fathers, grandfathers, uncles, Godfathers, and even sons and nephews. Parents and siblings may buy a Father’s […]

International Nurses Day Tempemail Marketing Campaigns & Examples – Blog – Emails

On the occasion of the International Nurses Day, multiple brands sent out heart-warming email campaigns, honoring nurses and thanking them for their immense efforts. Nurses are the backbone of the health care system. At the moment, they are at the forefront of combating the pandemic by providing 24-hour care for patients across the globe. Nurses […]

Your Guide to Tempemail Header Design & HTML with Examples – Blog – Emails

At first glance, the topic of email headers might seem like common knowledge, especially to those who use email messaging on a daily basis.Your automatic answer would probably be something along the lines of “The email header is the subject line and the information about the sender and recipient.”In no case are you wrong, but […]

How to Create and Send Upsell and Cross Sell Emails with Examples – Blog – Emails

It is already a well-known concept in marketing: selling to existing customers is easier, cheaper, and 70% more likely than selling to new prospects (Marketing Metrics). This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. After all, your established customer base is already familiar with your brand. They trust you enough to consume your products/services and […]

Designing And Coding Accessible Emails – Blog – Emails

Tempemail accessibility is a topic that has gained more and more popularity over the last few years. Tempemail accessibility entails designing and sending emails that can be read and understood by each and every subscriber, despite their visual compartment or other disabilities. In this blog post, we will walk you through best practices that will […]