Product News: Platform Features W2 2020 – Blog – Emails

Request Shared Insights and Get Direct Access to Data Selecting and vetting influencers or partner brands has a unique set of challenges. How to identify the best fit? What’s the best way to connect? And how to measure performance? This release puts an end to lengthy email threads, hard-to-read screenshots, and verbal agreements: Shared Insights […]

Product News: Platform Features W4 2020 – Blog – Emails

Compare Paid Campaigns by Social Platform or Audience Gender With Paid Analytics, your teams have complete oversight of all paid activities. Paid Analytics unifies data insights from all your ad accounts in one place. It lets you analyze paid efforts on both account and campaign level, provides a clear focus for strategic discussions about ads […]

Product News: Platform Features W22 2020 – Blog – Emails

Flexible Widgets are the go-to place for multiplatform analysis. Making content performance analysis quick and productive, Flexible Widgets do the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus your time and energy where it counts. And the best thing: they allow for full flexibility, so you get exactly what you need from your data. Make […]

In the loop: How Twitter transformed political reporting- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

The secret of Twitter’s success is that it sounds stupid. No one has to take it seriously, which means anyone can use it for anything they want. And, because the idea is so devastatingly simple, they do. You write short messages to a group of people who choose to read them, and read short messages […]

Product News: Platform Features W8 2020 – Blog – Emails

Search Comments or Direct Messages by Username – Track Conversations With Specific Users Community managers rejoice! Building relationships with your community is becoming an even more natural part of your workflow. To identify comments or direct messages from a particular user, you can now search for names or usernames. Analyze conversations and keep track of […]

Product News: Platform Features W10 2020 – Blog – Emails

79% of marketers believe that content-led marketing campaigns will continue to grow over the next two years (World Media Group Research, 2019). Socialbakers’ Content Hub helps brands take data-driven content planning to a whole new level. It’s a central place for organized and integrated campaign planning. And with Content Collections, brands can easily save, share, […]

Product News: Platform Features W12 2020 – Blog – Emails

Customize Dashboards and Compare Bigger Datasets at Once Especially these days, the speed at which data moves and new content is created is immense. For businesses, it’s crucial to stay flexible and customize their analysis to what’s needed at a particular moment in time. With Flexible Widgets in Dashboard, brands can do just that: analyze […]

Product News: Platform Features W20 2020 – Blog – Emails

The ways that people consume social media are shifting and the lines between social media and entertainment are blurring (Forbes). No wonder that video is one of the most lucrative types of content right now! In Socialbakers, brands can access deep-level video performance insights to analyze previous content and take their video performance to the […]

Zoom Rolling Out New Security Features | Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Sourced from Getty Images Zoom is planning to roll out additional security features this week in order to prevent the highly unwelcome ‘zoombombing’ that has plagued the platform in recent months. This comes after the app suffered under the microscope of cybersecurity experts and even legal authorities as its explosion in popularity exposed its steep […]

Product News: Platform Features W18 2020 – Blog – Emails

Analyze Every Aspect of Paid Campaigns With All Available Metrics With ad spend declining across the board, brands have a unique opportunity right now to reach their audience for a fraction of the usual cost. With that, it’s more crucial than ever to ensure paid content is top notch. With Socialbakers, brands can seamlessly track […]