Artists find fans and creative outlet as they flock towards crowdfunding sites | Technology – Blog – Emails

Musicians, artists and writers have turned to crowdfunding sites to make up for lost opportunities in lockdown, and their audiences have followed them, leading to a rise in contributions through platforms such as Patreon. Since mid-March more than 70,000 extra creators have joined Patreon, which allows fans to give monthly payments to artists in exchange […]

Can analog entertainment find a place in consumers’ lives post-lockdown?- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Is the boom in jigsaws and board games a blip on the entertainment radar or the beginning or the rebirth of a category? Coley Porter Bell’s John Clark imagines the future of analog post-lockdown. In a world that has suddenly shrunk to the confines of our homes, with face to face interaction limited to those […]

How coronavirus helped TikTok find its voice | Technology – Blog – Emails

How coronavirus helped TikTok find its voice | Technology – Blog – Tempemail.co Skip to content A person in a grass-covered suit lurks behind a wheelie bin before sprinting down a residential cul-de-sac. In a cramped bathroom, five housemates lip-sync in a limescale-stained bath. NHS staff dance on a deserted ward. A family of four […]

Museums hold Twitter showdown to find world’s creepiest object | Culture- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

A zombie blowfish, a hideous mermaid and a lucky charm made out of a dead man’s finger are all competing to be crowned the creepiest exhibits in the world after an archaeological museum in the north of England challenged curators during the lockdown to showcase their most sinister object. Since its closure due to Covid-19 […]