Agents at Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Limited equipped with a 360 integrated digital platform to combat COVID 19 situation- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Read Article In keeping with the current global COVID19 crisis and the subsequent announcement of social distancing by the government that called for a quick action on digital adoption, Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Ltd was swift to respond to the call. They developed a 360-degree digital delivery platform helping their agents all over […]

The Future of Work – Becoming a Digital Workforce | Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Sourced from HCAMag.com The future of work has always been a popular topic for discussion, especially among HR and payroll practitioners. However, the current COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant lockdown many countries have experienced are fast-tracking discussions towards more practical interventions to prepare the workforce for what will be the new normal. “Even though many […]

New IoT System Could Detect Future Virus Outbreaks | Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Sourced from Getty Images. IoT sensors that monitor body temperature in real-time and are implemented at a large scale could provide geolocation data that would allow potential quarantine areas to be rapidly identified. Through this, the idea is to shut down emerging viruses before a pandemic could take hold. IoT security firm WISeKey says it […]

CloudBackend shows the future of the cloud with a distributed platform for companies to innovate on- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Read Article CloudBackend, a company building a new global cloud from Europe, and founded by the inventors of iCloud, has after 2 years in stealth mode opened up for onboarding a select few customers. With over 10 years in the making, the company was founded as a spin-out from Xcerion and CloudMe in 2018. The objective is […]

Defence looks to VR, gaming and AI for future of learning – Strategy – Training & Development- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Source: Defence Enterprise Learning Strategy 2035 The Australian Defence Force plans to take advantage of a number of emerging technologies to improve its learning strategies and appeal to younger demographics. Identified as part of the Defence Enterprise Learning Strategy 2035, Defence is positioning to “exploit” technologies that offer more personalised and socialised programs for learners […]

‘Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser’ By DRDO And Roit Labz Brings Perspective To Automation Future- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Read Article As we enter Lockdown 4.0, a lot of businesses will now be allowed to re-open and begin operations. The one thing that these businesses will have to ensure is a higher standard of safety and security at the workplace. Government organisations resumed operations a while back and have also adhered to essential safety […]

CIO’s response to COVID-19: The past and the future- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Immediately after the lockdown was announced, the CIOs reacted and responded to what was immediately required. Two months down the line, projects are either in the works or are being rolled out to to prepare for the new normal The post CIO’s response to COVID-19: The past and the future appeared first on Express Computer. […]

Enterprise Operations Transformation: A multifaceted approach to help organizations be future ready- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Read Article By Somit Kapoor, Vice President and Global Head – Enterprise Operations Transformation (EOT),  Wipro Ltd. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations have been forced to rethink their long-term business strategy now more than ever. We are transitioning from a reality where businesses were conducted on premise, and are slowly establishing the […]

What Does The Future Of RPA Look Like?- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Read Article Around the world, the lockdown measures to contain the pandemic have led to economic contraction and a significant drop in energy consumption including electricity, gas, and oil. CEOs, experts, and policymakers are still taking stock of the impacts of COVID-19 on the energy landscape and what it means for the ongoing transition to […]

How are agencies preparing for the future of work?- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Flexible working, the need for more diversity and collaboration, and digital transformation have been impacting the industry for some time now. However, the recent turmoil has accelerated the changes even further. We had become accustomed to a certain level of expected stability even within the changes, but Covid-19 disruption means that business outlook is no […]