NAB tells staff to up their digital and data game – Finance – Training & Development – Software- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

NAB’s chief people officer Susan Ferrier. NAB placed extra emphasis on having its 40,000 staff develop their data and digital skills while on lockdown, converting thousands of training programs to run online in the process. Chief people officer Susan Ferrier told SAP’s virtual Sapphire Now conference that the bank saw an opportunity for staff to […]

In video game stories, it’s often side quests that are most meaningful | Games – Blog – Emails

It is a narrative standard in role-playing adventure games: the hero is pitted against a Big Evil, who has a strategic or chaotic hunger to destroy the world we know. From Shinra’s greedy harvesting of the planet’s resources in Final Fantasy VII Remake to Ganondorf’s quest for power and destruction across more than 30 years […]

Move over, Fortnite: how Valorant became the next big competitive game | Games – Blog – Emails

On a Tuesday in early April, viewers around the globe watched streamers on Twitch play one particular game for a combined 34m hours, smashing established live-streaming viewership records. The game in question, Valorant by Riot Games, has been averaging hundreds of thousands of daily spectators ever since, quickly displacing Twitch stalwarts such as League of […]

Computer chess: how the ancient game revolutionised AI | Plug into hybrid – Blog – Emails

Chess is well suited to computer programming.Photograph: Krisanapong Detraphiphat/Getty Images When legendary chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov found himself beaten by IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer, it was seen as a seminal moment in the evolution of artificial intelligence. It was New York, 1997 and for the first time ever a computer had beaten a world champion […]

The game that ate the world: 40 facts on Pac-Man’s 40th birthday | Games – Blog – Emails

It was on this day in 1980 that one of gaming’s most iconic characters made his debut. To celebrate, here are 40 facts about the ravenous yellow circle and his proud, pill-popping legacy … 1. Pac-Man was created by game designer Toru Iwatani – he was just 24 at the time. The idea for the […]

Winning the work from home game- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Read Article Initially, the idea of work from home (WFH) sounded alluring – one couldn’t help but almost break into a dance. After all, it meant more time to spend with the family; more opportunities to experiment with and enhance our culinary skills; or even the chance to watch our favorite program at any time […]

Remote relations: two can play that game- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

As we open our laptops each morning preparing ourselves for another screen intensive working week and (most likely) weekend, video conferencing is becoming the new norm for keeping in touch with work colleagues – and the default for social occasions with friends and family too. The majority of us are adapting to this new digital […]

Love bytes: how a video game is preparing my boyfriend and me for living together | Life and style – Blog – Emails

“I’m going to the mines!” says a voice through my laptop. It’s my partner, Joel – albeit a pixelated version of him. I see him move swiftly out of the screen as I go back to my task of chopping down an oak tree, searching for wood and sap. It’s an ordinary mid-pandemic night and […]

Always-on: AR is changing the game for retail- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Augmented reality has been on the cusp of mainstream appeal for some time. Now, as AR technology becomes ubiquitous and consumers demand ‘always-on’ marketing opportunities, OMM’s head of growth Tony Mohammed argues AR is about to radically change retail. You will have heard lots about virtual and augmented reality over the past couple of years. […]

Beyond Blue review: Blue Planet II, the game | Games – Blog – Emails

A mellow and overtly educational game about marine wildlife, Beyond Blue is an opportunity to submerge yourself in the expansive beauty of the Western Pacific. Futuristic technology enables our marine scientist to scan creatures, track whale calls and withstand the crushing pressures of the deep ocean as she follows a pod of sperm whales through […]