The Last of Us Part II: so much more than just another zombie story | Games – Blog – Emails

Now 25 years on from the outbreak, Seattle is completely overgrown. Abandoned cars are still lined up on the highway, rusted and rooted down by vegetation bursting through the tarmac. Skyscrapers still pierce the sky, their metal skeletons exposed by the bombs that were dropped in early, vain attempts to contain the fungal sickness that […]

From Street Fighter to Sonic the Hedgehog: 10 of the best retro games | Games – Blog – Emails

Pac-Man In difficult times, nostalgia can be a balm, and sometimes you want your games to be totally uncomplicated. Currently celebrating its 40th anniversary, the original iteration of Pac-Man still rules. It is a simple game – gobble the dots, avoid the ghosts – but the genius is in the details: did you know that […]

In video game stories, it’s often side quests that are most meaningful | Games – Blog – Emails

It is a narrative standard in role-playing adventure games: the hero is pitted against a Big Evil, who has a strategic or chaotic hunger to destroy the world we know. From Shinra’s greedy harvesting of the planet’s resources in Final Fantasy VII Remake to Ganondorf’s quest for power and destruction across more than 30 years […]

Move over, Fortnite: how Valorant became the next big competitive game | Games – Blog – Emails

On a Tuesday in early April, viewers around the globe watched streamers on Twitch play one particular game for a combined 34m hours, smashing established live-streaming viewership records. The game in question, Valorant by Riot Games, has been averaging hundreds of thousands of daily spectators ever since, quickly displacing Twitch stalwarts such as League of […]

Minecraft Dungeons review – hours of fun for locked-down families | Games – Blog – Emails

When the idea to make a Minecraft spinoff was first batted around at Mojang Studios, a dungeon crawler game must have been one of the first suggestions. From Gauntlet to Diablo, this genre has always featured dank subterranean lairs, treasure chests and warrior skeletons – all beloved Minecraft components. The signature blocky visuals also work […]

‘Transcendentally boring’: the joy of job simulation games | Games – Blog – Emails

There is no escape for me this time. The rear axle of my pick-up truck is wedged on a boulder protruding from the mud in the middle of a deserted backwater road in Michigan. I’ve tried to attach a winch to a nearby tree to pull myself out, but it’s not working. I will have […]

The game that ate the world: 40 facts on Pac-Man’s 40th birthday | Games – Blog – Emails

It was on this day in 1980 that one of gaming’s most iconic characters made his debut. To celebrate, here are 40 facts about the ravenous yellow circle and his proud, pill-popping legacy … 1. Pac-Man was created by game designer Toru Iwatani – he was just 24 at the time. The idea for the […]

Can virtual reality help get you through lockdown? | Games – Blog – Emails

Right now, it feels as if there is no escape. We’re stuck at home for most of the day, our only respite coming from the odd stroll around the block. But make a list of the things you miss most from your pre-lockdown life and chances are you can probably do some form of them […]

If Found… review – moving coming-of-age tale framed by rugged Irish coast | Games – Blog – Emails

An emotional and richly detailed reflection on growing up in mid-90s Ireland, If Found … tells the story of young Kasio’s difficult return home from university through the pages of her journal. Delicate illustrations depict a world slipping away from her: sometimes they’re animated with a stop-motion quality, flickering on the page; sometimes they’re filled […]

Virtual fans? Premier League looks at options for empty stadium games – Strategy – Software- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

The Premier League is exploring the use of audio effects and computer generated ‘fans’, to improve the viewer experience of watching behind closed doors games. The league voted on Monday to allow teams to return to non-contact training in small groups from Tuesday and hopes to be able to clear contact training next week as […]