Can trolling ever be charming – or are ‘good’ trolls still a complete nuisance? | Internet – Blog – Emails

T he benevolent troll-queen of the internet prefers to remain anonymous, but here’s what we know: the 30-year-old US-based cartoonist and internet personality who goes by the alias CartoonsHateHer (let’s call her CHH for short) has, over the years, published hundreds of posts to online forums like Reddit under various alternate identities. These posts have […]

There’s never been a better time to put social good at the core of business, says Facebook- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed our lives in just a few short months, but, amidst the anxiety and uncertainty, there has been a surge of social good. Businesses across the world have played a key role in supporting their communities and beyond by moving quickly to activate the social good in their organisations. Tempemail, in […]

Jerry Daykin: It’s still a good time to celebrate advertising’s diversity- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Discussing the progress and some of the initiatives taking place across the advertising sector is Jerry Daykin, GSK’s EMEA media director and co-director of The Outveritisng Awards which aims to celebrate work focused on the LGBTQ+ sector. For very good reasons the diversity of the marketing industry comes under a lot of scrutiny: Middle class, […]

Airbnb’s layoffs package is admirable – but is there ever a good way to say goodbye?- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

There’s a sentiment that goes through my head each morning as I go for a dawn run around the park near my house: “We judge ourselves by our best intentions and most noble deeds but we will be judged ourselves by our worst acts”. The pavements are a war zone at the moment. Everyone believes […]

Westpac tech spend up 12 percent as new systems come good – Hardware – Software- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Australia’s economy might still be in lockdown, but when it comes to bank technology there’s still double digit spending growth as institutions pivot to cope with the pandemic.   The nation’s oldest bank, Westpac, on Monday booked in a respectable 12 percent boost in technology spend, as the institution hit the accelerator on bank-wide upgrades of […]

Upload review – Amazon’s afterlife comedy is the less good place | Television & radio – Blog – Emails

TV has reached its maximum capacity of quirky afterlifes. The Good Place set this recent wave in motion on NBC with its vision of Hell as a metaphysical bureaucracy plastering a cheery expression over its endless labyrinth of paperwork and intra-departmental conflicts. TBS’ Miracle Workers cranked the whimsy up a notch for the rom-com angle, […]

What does it take to become a good reverse engineer?- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

How much money and effort does it take to become a good reverse engineer? Do you even need to be one? There are no universally acceptable answers to these questions. Software reverse engineering (RE) is not a science but a skillset combined with specific knowledge and backed by a lot of experience. For several years, […]