How Does Technology Help In Monitoring Social Media Intelligence?- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Read Article Social Media Intelligence allows brands to understand consumers sentiments in real-time. Something that is beyond tweets, likes, and shares and actually portrays the real show of what consumers feel and think about the brands or products. How does technology come to the aid but? Dr. Ranjit Nair, CEO and Founder of Germin8 spills […]

Artificial Intelligence, what is real and how great Cybersecurity uses it today- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Read Article Everyone claims to embed AI in all sorts of products: vacuum cleaners, office software, video games, you name it. Now what does AI does really for Cybersecurity today? And what’s in it for your company? Find out the areas of Cybersecurity that are truly using Artificial Intelligence and how you could use these […]

‘Transerve Technologies’ Uses Spatial Intelligence To Monitor Upcoming Trends- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Read Article To deal with accurate mapping of COVID19 containment zones Transerve –created an interactive digital map of all the districts in India, color-coded according to the above guideline, by publishing a Web Feature Service (WFS) using this information. Talking exclusively to Express Computer, Ashwani Rawat, Director, and Co-founder Transerve Technologies Pvt. Ltd gives us […]

Kotak Mahindra Bank announces adoption of Data Intelligence Solution- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Read Article Kotak Mahindra Bank (Kotak) announced today that it has selected ASG Technologies’ Data Intelligence Solution to drive its data governance initiatives. Kotak’s digital-first organic growth strategy is driven by its ABCD charter that focuses on AI enriched App, Biometric enabled Branch, Context enhanced Customer Experience and Data empowered Design. A digital-first growth strategy entails rapid digitalization […]

Microsoft shares threat intelligence, security guidance during global crisis- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Read Article With much of the world now transitioned to virtual work, digital safety has become a key area of concern. This is not something security professionals, were given time to prepare for, yet many firms have been thrust into a new environment and challenged to respond quickly. The threat intelligence teams at Microsoft are […]

Artificial intelligence to enable fast-track review of COVID-19 research proposals- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Read Article An Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool to help funders identify specialists to peer-review proposals for emergency COVID-19 research has been developed. It aims to help fast-track the allocation of funding, and in turn, accelerate the scientific response to the virus. The open-access publisher Frontiers has specifically developed the recommendation tool to aid funders during […]