RBA questions whether automation is really a jobs killer – Training & Development- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Proponents of a technologically-enabled future have long sneered at the naysayers who predict robots will steal all human jobs by claiming we will naturally transition to more complex work. The Reserve Bank of Australia has crunched the numbers to settle the argument for now, analysing the relationship between technology, skills and the labour market. In […]

OnePlus 8 Pro review: the Samsung killer | Smartphones – Blog – Emails

OnePlus’s latest range-topping 8 Pro phone puts Samsung on notice, featuring a slick design, 120Hz screen, 5G, improved cameras and even wireless charging. Starting at £799, the 8 Pro builds on the success of last year’s £649 7 Pro and £699 7T Pro, but with a higher price on par with its premium rivals. In […]