Child abuse predator ‘handbook’ lists ways to target children during coronavirus lockdown | Online abuse – Blog – Emails

Child abusers have created and shared an online grooming manual describing ways to manipulate and exploit the increased number of children at home and online during Covid-19, Australia’s e-safety commissioner has said. Covid-19 restrictions have coincided with a significant increase in reports to the eSafety Office about child sexual abuse material, Julie Inman Grant told […]

Security experts release curated lists to block COVID-19 threats – Security- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Thousands of experts and researchers from round the world, including Australia and New Zealand, who have joined forces to collaborate and share information on cyber security have released a network blocklist to help stop attacks abusing the COVID-19 pandemic. Known as the Cyber Threat Coalition (CTC), the security researchers have released an initial version of […]