When there’s an app that can save lives, there will be no need to download it out of a sense of duty | Opinion – Blog – Emails

The NHS Covid-19 alert app will be available nationwide in June. It’s voluntary, so those of us with smartphones must decide: should we download the app? The health secretary, Matt Hancock, thinks we should, claiming that we would be “doing our duty and helping to save lives”. If only it were that simple. Even if 80% of smartphone […]

Freeview spot celebrates terrestrial TV’s role in our lives during lockdown- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

With more people than ever sat in front of TV, Freeview is making a case for the integral role it plays in keeping the nation informed, entertained, connected and inspired during lockdown. “Since the beginning of the UK lockdown, public service broadcasters have risen to the challenge, creating new bespoke programming and working hard to […]

In defence of the ‘stay alert, control the virus, save lives’ messaging- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Following the release of the UK Government’s ‘Stay alert, control the virus, save lives’ messaging introduced at the begining of an easing on lockdown restrictions by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in England, there was loud consternation. Dan Cullen-Schute, founder and chief executive of Creature offers his view and reasons on why he thinks the slogan […]

Can analog entertainment find a place in consumers’ lives post-lockdown?- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Is the boom in jigsaws and board games a blip on the entertainment radar or the beginning or the rebirth of a category? Coley Porter Bell’s John Clark imagines the future of analog post-lockdown. In a world that has suddenly shrunk to the confines of our homes, with face to face interaction limited to those […]

Ok Zoomer: how seniors are learning to lead more digital lives | Life and style – Blog – Emails

“I used to look at some people using WhatsApp video and think, I wonder what that’s all about,” says 74-year-old Jillian Cheetham. “Now, you know, I’ve discovered it’s pretty easy.” Her book club, which has been going for 10 years, has just had its first Zoom meeting. “It was lovely to be together again and […]