Apple 13in MacBook Pro review 2020: going out on a high? | Technology – Blog – Emails

The 2020 13in MacBook Pro is the last of Apple’s laptops to get its new and improved keyboard, banishing various issues to the rear view mirror and essentially perfecting this current design. Despite both sharing the same name, the 2020 13in MacBook Pro is split into two lines: a cheaper version starting at £1,299 with […]

Huawei MateBook X Pro review: Windows 10’s MacBook Pro rival | Laptops – Blog – Emails

The 2020 MateBook X Pro takes a winning design and upgrades the chips to Intel’s latest for a powerful and surprisingly good-value machine. The new MateBook X Pro starts at £1,299, and fits a pretty large 13.9in screen in the size of a laptop body that would traditionally fit only a 13in screen. The design […]

Apple updates its 13-inch MacBook Pro – Hardware- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Apple has launched an updated version of its 13-inch MacBook Pro with a modified ‘Magic’ keyboard as the laptop line addresses long-running criticism about typing-related problems with its machines. The company also boosted the performance of the 13-inch device as well as storage, “with standard storage starting at 256GB all the way up to 1TB,” […]

Apple launches 13in MacBook Pro with Magic Keyboard | Apple – Blog – Emails

Apple has launched an updated version of its popular 13in MacBook Pro laptop with a revamped keyboard, more storage and faster chips. The 13in MacBook Pro now has Apple’s Magic Keyboard, replacing the ultra-thin Butterfly keyboard that suffered from multiple issues regarding noise, dust and malfunctioning keys. The new machine joins the larger 16in MacBook […]