Facebook workers rebel over Mark Zuckerberg’s refusal to act against Trump | Technology – Blog – Emails

Facebook employees are staging a rebellion over Mark Zuckerberg’s refusal to act against Donald Trump, expressing their dissatisfaction with their boss on social media in a rare display of dissent from within the company. Disagreement came from employees at all levels of the company, including some senior staff. Particular criticism was levelled at Zuckerberg’s personal decision […]

Mark Borkowski: The Tories have campaigned in Haiku and governed in gibberish- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

In the wake of the Conservative Government’s attempt to communicate its post-lockdown strategy using some controversial and, to some, confusing messaging, communications zsar Mark Borkowski offers his take on what is being said by the Prime Minister and his cabinet, and how. The famous mantra of hard-nosed political communication is that you ‘campaign in poetry […]

Havas ME ECD Mark Fiddes on why marketers should pay heed to poetry resurgence- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Havas creative powerhouse and poet Mark Fiddes believes marketers should pay more attention to the power of verse. Fiddes, Havas Middle East executive creative director, speaking during Tempemail’s Digital Transformation Festival as part of the ‘What’s on your bookshelf?’ series, pointed out: “Shorter formats are all the more popular. It’s one of the reasons why […]