The best games of 2020 so far | Games – Blog – Emails

Animal Crossing: New Horizons The desert-island alternate-life game that’s spawned a thousand memes, Animal Crossing offers a cute, stress-free and eminently controllable little world to escape into. Compelling and full of character, it gives plenty of reasons to come back every day. What we said: “Animal Crossing is everything I have been craving: it is […]

Lonely Mountains: Downhill review – adrenaline-pumping adventures in nature | Games – Blog – Emails

Newly released on Nintendo Switch, Lonely Mountains: Downhill has been catching attention on other consoles and PCs since last October. But it is now, stuck indoors in an urban flat, that I have really needed this game about solitary mountain bike adventures in nature. It is an intriguing hybrid of serene exploration and reflex-challenging speed-chasing, […]

Novel adventures: 12 video games for when you’re too restless to read | Games – Blog – Emails

It has been one of the many cruel ironies of lockdown: we all have time to read more, but the constant uncertainty and worry, together with the endlessly transmogrifying news narrative, have made it difficult to concentrate on novels. A few keen readers have turned to essay collections, short stories or diaries, which are less […]

Block party: eight brilliant Minecraft models to attempt at home | Games – Blog – Emails

With lockdown entering its fifth week, Minecraft is proving a useful venue for friends and families to meet up, play together and work on collaborative projects. The game is widely used in schools throughout the world to teach everything from sustainable farming to the history of art, and Microsoft recently made the many lessons and […]

How Animal Crossing is emerging as a media channel for brands in lockdown- Tempemail – Blog – Emails

Just three days after its debut, Animal Crossing: New Horizons catapulted past titles such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Fifa 20 to claim the top spot on the official UK games chart. The sequel to Wild World, City Folk and New Leaf, New Horizons sold more physical copies in its first week than […]