Poll reveals declining trust in UK government before Cummings crisis – Emails

By Sam Wong , Adam Vaughan , Conrad Quilty-Harper and Layal Liverpool People on the beach in Southend-On-Sea, United Kingdom.Kate Green/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images Latest coronavirus news as of 5 pm on 26 May Poll reveals declining trust in UK government before Cummings crisis Only 38 per cent of people supported the UK government’s […]

Asteroid that killed the dinosaurs hit just right for maximum damage – Emails

By Leah Crane The dinosaur-killing asteroid hit the Yucatan Peninsula in MexicoScience Photo Library / Alamy The trajectory of the asteroid thought to have killed the dinosaurs 66 million years ago was just right to cause maximum damage. A new study of Chicxulub crater in Mexico, where the asteroid struck, has revealed that the angle […]

UK plans to further ease lockdown as new case rate remains high – Emails

By Penny Sarchet Police community support officers patrol Brighton beach on the bank holiday weekendPeter MacDiarmid/Shutterstock Declines in hospital admissions, the number of people in intensive care and deaths in the UK all indicate that the restrictions brought in on 23 March to slow the spread of the coronavirus in the country have helped. Plans to partially reopen […]

The epic journeys of green sea turtles revealed by 50 years of data – Emails

Using more than 50 years of satellite tracking data, a team found that green sea turtles will skip areas they don’t know when looking for a foraging site even if they are suitable Environment 20 May 2020 St Eustatius National Marine Park, Dutch Caribbean (Brenda S & R Duncan Kirkby)   NESTLED among bright yellow […]

Space Force review: The sitcom is almost as comical as the real thing – Emails

By Simon Ings Steve Carell plays General Naird, chief of the fictional Space ForceAaron Epstein/Netflix TVSpace ForceGreg Daniels and Steve CarellOn Netflix from 29 May As recruitment ads go, the video released to Twitter on 6 May was genuinely engaging. Young people stared off into the Milky Way as rockets of indeterminate scale rolled out of […]

The sun may have formed because a small galaxy passed by the Milky Way – Emails

By Leah Crane Hubble Space Telescope image of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxyNASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team STScI/AURA A small galaxy called Sagittarius has been shaping the Milky Way for billions of years. Every time it has passed close to our galaxy, it has caused huge bursts of star formation that may even be […]

Our five appetites mean our hunger is far more complex than we thought – Emails

It is crucial to understand your five-appetite system and how ultraprocessed foods have crashed this set-up – especially as they are so popular in lockdown Health | Leader 20 May 2020 IF YOU feel like your diet has completely gone to pot during lockdown, you probably aren’t alone. Stress and boredom are known risk factors […]

Behavioural science advisers express concern over Cummings crisis – Emails

By Penny Sarchet Dominic Cumming leaves 10 Downing Street on 24 MayChris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images Members of a government behavioural science advisory group have expressed concern that the revelations that Dominic Cummings appears to have broken the UK’s coronavirus restrictions and the government’s subsequent handling of the crisis has undermined the government’s authority and could […]

The Vast of Night review: A sort of slow-burn 1950s Stranger Things – Emails

Starring youngsters who investigate a mysterious signal that may be from spies or aliens, The Vast of Night is all a bit Stranger Things, says Gege Li Humans 20 May 2020 The Vast of Night Andrew Patterson Amazon Prime Video from 29 May   COMING up next: an odd frequency is spreading through a small […]

Why do scientists give some species such unusual names? – Emails

The strange ways we name new species and the politics involved is explained in Stephen Heard’s book Charles Darwin’s Barnacle and David Bowie’s Spider Earth 20 May 2020   Charles Darwin’s Barnacle and David Bowie’s Spider Stephen B. Heard Yale University Press   UNLIKE plastic dinosaurs, new species don’t arrive with names on their bellies. […]